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Directory Submission
Submission Policy

In order to maintain quality of our listings and to make sure they fall within Flash ecosystem we have devised our submission policy so that it will keep a fine balance between quality stuff and profitability.

Kindly go through the policy below and determine type of your submission.

Listing Policy:
  • If your website does not fall within Flash ecosystem, and cannot relate to FlashKid.org by any means, then we are sorry to inform you that we cannot list your website.
  • If your website has something to offer related to Flash or Flex:
    If it's free, your listing will be free for as long as it remains free.
    If it has commercial aspect to it, then we'll charge for the listing. i.e. straight rate $10 for lifetime listing.
    A permanent reciprocal link from equivalent depth and PR page from your site to FlashKid.org.
    Listing Format:
    Once accepted your listing will appear on category specific page in following format:

    "Your Website Title and URL - Your website description of 150 characters."
    Website Information:
    Kindly submit your website information using form below and we will follow-up with your provided email address, thanks.

    Submit Website Information
    Your Name:
    Website Title:
    (150 chars)
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